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My name is Terasee and I live in Middle Tennessee.

I love it when the Lord wakes me in the wee hours of the morning. Actually, that is the best time I have with Him. I think it is because there is no one stirring, the house is quiet, and I am at rest. I can hear Him more clearly, because my mind is not racing with the day’s activities.

This is the beginning of this endeavor. Early this morning as I lay listening to the Lord, it came to me that I could begin a project of a more spiritual nature than the current YouTube book and craft channels. So, I have started Truthe Talks
on YouTube.

The channel and this blog will center around Inspirational literature and the Scriptures. There will be video recordings of the current book study and live chats each week.

The first book will be an old favorite of mine and many people around the world; Hind’s Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. The free download of the book study can be found at Restoration Ministries International. The preface and the first part of Chapter 1 are on the YouTube channel already. So…..

Please come and join me.

Dealing with Life

The video today talked about the sensations that come while waiting for hunger. First of all hunger is not a sound but a physical sensation. So if I am waiting for a sound then that is NOT hunger. Hunger is a pain; a hollow hurt up high in my torso. Sometimes, if I wait tooContinue reading “Dealing with Life”

To Nourish and Bless

The question today is: What foods nourish and bless you, bringing a smile to your face and heart? We encourage you to be as honest as you can about this and resist giving what you think should be the right answer. After listening to podcast for today, and pondering this question…. What food would IContinue reading “To Nourish and Bless”

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